Mistakes Marketers in Singapore Must Avoid At All Costs

Here is the thing with marketing. If you make a single mistake, consequences will be severe. If you make two mistakes, consequences will be catastrophic. This is a basic knowledge, but most of you don’t know which the mistakes are, so making them isn’t a rare issue. In Singapore, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and social media marketing are on the rise and a professional marketing agency Singapore will know how to get the best out of these techniques. From an agency’s point of view, here are some common mistakes that marketers make:

1. Poor investment in web design and digital marketing in general

Traditional marketing methods are still popular in Singapore, but digital marketing is conquering the state like a storm. Social media marketing and SEM are the most profitable and most successful, new methods. The main mistake here is preferring the traditional methods while neglecting the new ones!

That’s why most marketers invest money in traditional marketing methods, while they invest a few funds into digital marketing. Poor web design is the most common reason why some marketers claim that digital marketing isn’t successful in Singapore.

2. Not fully leveraging on the results

If you are a professional marketer, you will know how important the results are. Nevertheless, most businesses and companies do not use the gained results. For example, they drive traffic to a website or they get plenty of followers and then, they stop. Still, the actual reason is unknown, probably has to do something with the funding.

Turn the results into your advantage. Contact the followers and visitors in a try to turn them into consumers.

3. Not trying anything new

In a case, you stick to the same strategy forever, like we mentioned in the first point, marketing will be effective for a short time. After that, poor results and additional issues will occur. Try and invest in new technologies and new trends all the time.

4. Adding digital marketing late in the campaign process

Here we have another mistake that is present in 87% of cases. Going to a marketing agency in Singapore and asking them to use traditional marketing methods, like old-fashioned ads on poor-quality websites is the main thing to consider, due to unknown reason. The problem here is in the digital marketing methods which are left behind. They are usually used as an addition, rather than as the main strategy.

This mistake causes poor results and makes the entire strategy almost non-profitable. The solution is to implement digital marketing as soon as possible.

5. Having a website that isn’t mobile responsive

One digital marketing agency in Singapore determined that more than 30% of businesses in Singapore don’t have a website with responsive web design. A responsive web design means that the website is optimized for smartphones. It will adapt and provide the same functionality to the phone as it will on a computer.

But, in Singapore, more people use smartphones for internet surfing than computers. Straightaway, we can see potential losses. The solution is to adapt a website for smartphone users. Those who use Word Press can install a simple plugin which will do the trick. Tip: Use Google tools to check the website is mobile responsive or not.

6. Wanting instant results

Digital marketing is quick, but not instant. Some of the companies want to get to the first SERP page straight away. Even if you invest millions in the campaign, this isn’t actually possible. It is essential that your content spreads on the internet and to gradually increase the importance.

7. Spreading the budget over multiple platforms

Have you ever wondered why any digital marketing agency in Singapore will be focused on just one digital platform? The situation is simple. If you want to use all the platforms, such are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Vine and etc. you will need a huge amount of budget. You don’t have the funds enough for a proper marketing on all platforms, so you will divide the money among all of them. That’s why you will get poor results, meaning the poor profit.

The best thing to do is to choose two platforms only. Choose those that are the most suitable for your business. For example, you can choose Facebook ads to drive fans and Google Adwords to sell products. Using less will give you more.

8. Quantity over quality

Having 30.000 fans, with a single engagement per a post each is quantity, but we want quality. Quality is having 2.000 fans with 200 engagements per post. The bottom line is that a digital agency in Singapore must make the content high-quality and to acquire targeted audience which actually likes and needs that content. Plain numbers are less important.

9. Buying followers

It is possible to get a lot of followers for a small amount of money. There are profiles on social networks that can be bought for $20, but they have 5.000 followers or friends. Perfect way to get plenty of audience. The problem here lies in the followers themselves. All of them are generic (they have no relations to your service or a product) and most of them are even fake profiles.

Once your actual followers discover that your brand will be classified as untrustworthy! This has the biggest, side effect possible!

10. Poor sales and marketing team communication

Due to some reason, a communication between marketing and sales team in a company always have been poor. This causes one of the most problematic mistakes of them all. Sales team is trying to sell something that marketing team thinks it is irrelevant or vice versa. Each digital agency in Singapore must have a well-coordinated cooperation between the two teams. Meeting once per month are essential.

In a case sales team determines that a specific item has the highest potential, marketing team must adjust the strategy accordingly. This simple trick is the one that can make a difference between advertising and selling or just one of these.


Maybe these mistakes are already well-known, maybe they are partially experienced by some marketers, but all of them can make a difference between having a successful marketing campaign and the one that was successful.

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